Case Studies

UnitedHealthcare & The Cal Ripken Sr. Foundation

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A project of UnitedHealthcare’s Do Good. Live Well. initiative, the Team8 Tour positively impacted tens of thousands of students, families, and volunteers across the country in its mission to build healthy communities. Partnering with the Cal Ripken Sr. Foundation, volunteers from UHC made improvements to high school athletic facilities across the country. Eric documented this initiative for CBS over the span of three years.

CBS Diversity Initiative: Bill Whitaker

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As a part of “My CBS Journey,” the diversity initiative at CBS, Eric photographed correspondent Bill Whitaker at the New York office of 60 Minutes, the longest running and most watched news magazine on television.

Dell & Waterkeeper Alliance

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Employing locals in Guerrero, Mexico, Waterkeeper Alliance is overseeing the collection of plastic bound for the Pacific Ocean. This plastic is then converted into packaging for Dell laptops.

Cadillac “Dare Greatly: Ray Villafane"

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Cadillac's national "Dare Greatly" campaign features people that excel at their craft. Ray Villafane is an artist known for carving world famous pumpkins and creating oversized scarecrows from found objects. His work is featured annually by the New York Botanical Garden. Eric documented Villafane's process in the Arizona desert and the installation at the NYBG. The digital assets were used by Cadillac in their digital campaign.

The Climate Group’s RE 100 Initiative

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The initiative’s goal is to have all Fortune 100 companies carbon neutral by 2050. Eric travelled to North Carolina, Texas, Pennsylvania and Northern California to document the clean energy of Hewlitt Packard Enterprises and Ikea.

Allstate & YWCA

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For Allstate's Purple Purse initiative, Eric and his team traveled to Lynchburg, VA to document the work Linda Ellis Williams, head of YWCA's domestic violence program. Allstate has developed a curriculum to give abuse survivors, like Linda, the financial tools to move ahead.

UnitedHealthcare & Second Harvest Heartland

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Second Harvest Heartland organizes free farmers markets for at risk populations. Slightly blemished or irregular produce is donated by local farmers and distributed to people in need. This market, near Minneapolis, was staffed by United Healthcare volunteers.

CenturyLink & Habitat for Humanity

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CenturyLink volunteers helped Habitat for Humanity build critically needed housing for homeless and disenfranchised residents of Denver. This photo set was created for internal and external CenturyLink communications.



In Minneapolis, Minnesota, just a few miles from where George Floyd was murdered by police, a 501c3 nonprofit called Northside Boxing Club teaches youth the values of discipline, confidence, compassion and respect. The mission of Northside is to effect positive change in North Minneapolis young men through boxing, education, and physical fitness.