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Specializing in content creation and design, Eric J. Smith builds brands while shining a light on the most pressing issues of our time. With a discerning eye and a powerful set of creative tools, Eric’s award winning storytelling evokes a sense of dynamism and timelessness.


Lexus “Beautify Earth: Adrian Kay Wong” Director: Eric J. Smith, Agency: Team One, Production Company: Givewith, Client: Lexus

“RE100” Director: Eric J. Smith, Client: The Climate Group, Agency: CBS EcoMedia


World Bicycle Relief in Kenya

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World Bicycle Relief mobilizes individuals, their families, and entire communities to thrive through the power of bicycles. The gift of a a simple bicycle can have a massive impact on the lives of women and girls. This series of photos tells the story of the holistic benefit to communities across Kenya.

Northside Boxing Club in Minneapolis


In Minneapolis, Minnesota, just a few miles from where George Floyd was murdered by police, a 501c3 nonprofit called Northside Boxing Club teaches youth the values of discipline, confidence, compassion and respect. The mission of Northside is to effect positive change in North Minneapolis young men through boxing, education, and physical fitness.

White Sands National Park

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White Sands National Park in New Mexico is head spinning for a visual artist. Every minute a unique image presents itself. Eric created a series of fine art photographs there which are now available as limited edition signed prints. Click the “Store” in the menu at the top of the page.


Unitedhealthcare Team8 Tour Brand Identity

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This three year long initiative between Unitedhealthcare, the Cal Ripken Sr. Foundation, CBS and other donors made upgrades to athletic facilities and taught the importance of physical fitness at nearly two dozen deserving schools around the country. Eric created the mark for the initiative that was used on all collateral, videos, merchandise as well as on environmental applications. The ribbon becomes a road signifying the all the organizations that come together on a school makeover and the stars represent the six schools that are awarded the grant each year.