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Through photography and video direction, Eric J. Smith has a knack for creating content that resonates. With work published, broadcast and shared by millions of people around the world, Eric builds brands while shining a light on the most pressing issues of our time. With a discerning eye and a powerful set of creative tools, Eric’s award winning storytelling evokes a sense of dynamism and timelessness. A former SVP of Content & Creative at CBS, Eric is now principal of E Smith Images LLC and is available for projects and speaking engagements.

My Modern Met Featured Artist


“Streamlining the Supply Chain” Director: Eric J. Smith, Clients: Envase Technologies + Firmament

Lexus “Beautify Earth: Adrian Kay Wong” Director: Eric J. Smith, Agency: Team One, Production Company: Givewith, Client: Lexus



First Place, Los Angeles Center of Photography

Eric's portrait of Zaina, a beneficiary of World Bicycle Relief in Kenya, garnered the first place award in LACP's 7th Annual Members' exhibition.

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Audubon 100

Eric’s hummingbird photo was selected by the National Audubon Society for inclusion in their Top 100 of 2021. The photo was also featured on the table of contents in their Summer 2021 magazine.


The Times of London

Eric’s gray whales photos have gone viral across the United Kingdom, being featured by the Times of London, The Irish Daily Mirror, The Sun, The Daily Express and the BBC.


“Whale Vision” Exhibition, Reykjavík, Iceland

Eric’s photograph “Sign of the Times” was included in a public exhibition to promote whale conservation and end commercial whale hunting in Iceland.


Women for Women International: Rwanda

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Women for Women International has developed a program that offers Rwandan women a constructive, dignified way to regain control of their lives. Through foundational training, women come to know and defend their rights and change the status quo. In the aftermath of the devastating 1994 Genocide, the challenge of creating a lasting peace depended greatly on the actions of women, who were the majority of survivors. Eric and team traveled to the Urugo Opportunity Center to document the healing and hard work.