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Eric has been mastering the craft of logo design for over twenty five years. Through proprietary storytelling and brand building workshops, Eric has helped dozens of organizations and initiatives express their values through a new visual identity.


Unitedhealthcare Team8 Tour Brand Identity

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This three year long initiative between Unitedhealthcare, the Cal Ripken Sr. Foundation, CBS and other donors made upgrades to athletic facilities and taught the importance of physical fitness at nearly two dozen deserving schools around the country. Eric created the mark for the initiative that was used on all collateral, videos, merchandise as well as on environmental applications. The ribbon becomes a road signifying the all the organizations that come together on a school makeover and the stars represent the six schools that are awarded the grant each year.

Givewith Identity and Brand Guidelines

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As SVP of Content & Creative at Givewith, Eric worked with internal team members and external vendors to shape the company brand.

Harpo Films Motion Identity

Eric conceptualized, designed and co-directed Oprah Winfrey's original production company identity. Debuting at the top of Johnathan Demme's film “Beloved” based on the popular novel by Toni Morrison, the logo is a portrait of Oprah as young girl reading on the porch of her childhood home in Mississippi. The piece was shot on a soundstage in Hollywood with an an actress handpicked by Oprah on a replica of her front porch.

Transforming Commerce Branding

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Eric designed the brand identity for a conference on sustainability held at the United Nations in New York with an original photo taken from Roosevelt Island and custom typography. The work appeared at the conference in the form of signage and stage graphics and across multiple pieces of collateral including attendee badges and invitations.

Digital Design

Eric believes in the power of design to solve complex problems across digital platforms. He has conceptualized and overseen innovative human-centric user experiences for organizations like the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, the Kaiser Family Foundation and Givewith. Eric also specializes in content creation for digital applications.


“The EcoZone Project”

Eric co-executive produced and creative directed “The EcoZone Project,” a syndicated reality television series that taught eco tips to viewers through celebrity home makeovers. With a "green team" led by actress Daisy Fuentes, renovations were done in homes owned by Alison Janney, Ron Livingston, Patrick Warburton, and Scott Wolf. The series was created at EcoMedia in conjunction with IMG Entertainment and was syndicated in over 100 markets across the United States. Watch the trailer.


For over two decades, Eric has been designing signature title sequences for television series' like the long running “American Experience" on PBS and overseeing entire network re-branding assignments like the "Women's Journals" concept for Lifetime.

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